Hatching Chickens in Room 6

In room six Mrs Taciak brought in twenty two different breeds of eggs. The Flavel family kindly donated the use of their chicken incubator. It took the chickens around twenty one days to hatch. They were born on the twenty third of October. The humidity needs to be up by using a dish of water inside the incubator. Seven chicks hatched but two of them died meaning fifteen didn’t hatch and had to be thrown out.

We named them Bok Norris, Lou, Hope, Chris and lastly we have Milo, who is now twelve days old.

Senae says “They are fun to have in our class, but are a little noisy at times when you’re working. When a chick tries to fly everyone goes a little crazy and over excited. They’re an easy distraction and are very messy, but they are very adorable and fluffy and hard to stay annoyed with them.”

Amber says, “The chicks are little bundles of fluff. They are so cuddly and cute I wish I could cuddle with them all day. The chick we think is a rooster keeps on balancing on the side of the cage and flying to the top of the water tank. Everyone goes crazy when a chick does a cool trick. They are so hard to stay annoyed with especially when they are in your class and you have the privilege of holding and cuddling them.”

By Amber and Senae.

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