On Friday 10 September, we were blessed with perfect weather for the Faction Carnival. A big thank you to Mr Smart for organising, setting up and running the carnival. It was a great day and a real celebration of the great school community we have. The P&C did an awesome job serving morning tea and lunches, thanks to everyone who helped out on the day.

The following students broke sprint records:

Louie Nipperess, Spencer McKinlay, Hudson Nipperess

Below are the champion and runner ups of the day.

Pre-primary girls

Champion: Hannah Bamkin Runner Up: Sunny Heald

Pre-Primary boys

Champion: Louie Nipperess Runner Up: Oliver Carrier

Year 1 girls:

Champion: Sariah Beckham Runner Up: Eliza Cooper

Year 1 boys:

Champion: Spencer McKinlay Runner Up: Leon Cockman, Patrick Doolin

Year 2 girls:

Champion: Mia Read Runner Up: Miley Dymek

Year 2 boys:

Champion: Deagan Dayman Runner Up: Ceejay Michon

Year 3 girls:

Champion: Madeleine Kooiman Runner Up: Savannah Doolin

Year 3 boys:

Champion: Hudson Nipperess Runner Up: Tyler Allsop

Year 4 girls:

Champion: Charley Read Runner Up: Violet Parker

Year 4 boys:

Champion: Kane Pomfret Runner Up: Mitchell Davis

Year 5 girls:

Champion: Abby McKinlay Runner Up: Grace Bonser

Year 5 boys:

Champion: Rhys Cahill Runner Up: Dylan Brunning

Year 6 girls:

Champion: Aurora Gordon Runner Up: Teesha Derschow

Year 6 boys:

Champion: Zayden Duff Runner Up: Kaden Bonsack

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