Lapathon/Colour Explosion

This year we are spicing up our Lapathon by adding some colour, this will be taking place on Tuesday 26 June 2018.  The Lapathon/Colour Explosion is all about participation and Mum, Dad Grandparents and carers are all invited to join their child/ren in running, walking, skipping, jumping around the oval. It will start straight after lunch at 1.20pm. The colour powder we use is non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and skin safe. It is recommended to wear old clothes white or a light plain coloured t-shirts are the best, which they can change into at lunch time. All participants are also supplied with a pair of glasses.  The P&C will supply fruit and an Icy Pole is given out at the end of the day.  This event is a great fundraiser for the school as well as great fun for the students and parents involved. Sponsership forms will be coming home soon.