On Wednesday 13 December the whole school will be heading off to Lake Leschenaultia for an end of year picnic. We would like to invite all families to come along and join us. Students will leave school at 10.30am and walk down to the lake with their class. We will be sitting on the grassed areas on the western side of the lake (turn right at the main entrance). After morning tea, students will participate in a range of fun tabloid activities in mixed groups. We will break for lunch at around 1.00pm It is anticipated that we will leave the lake at 1.30pm to walk back to school. We will run a series of fun tabloid water based activities and a lifeguard will be providing supervision of students in the water. A limited number of students will be allowed in the water at any one time and they will be restricted to a marked off area of water at standing depth. The students will not be allowed to free swim during the excursion but parents may choose to remain at the lake with their children after 1.30pm to allow them to swim under parental supervision. If your child will be remaining at the lake or you wish to take them home with you, you must see the class teacher to sign your child out. It is very important that children are accounted for at all times. Students are required to be in school uniform but may wear their bathers and a rashie underneath. They will need to have adequate shoes for walking, a hat, sunscreen, water bottle, towel and a packed morning tea and lunch clearly labelled with their name. Teachers will pack lunches and drinks into plastic crates and these will be transported down to the lake by car. The P&C will be providing rolls and drinks to those students who pre-ordered lunch.