Sustainable Schools

Chidlow PS is a sustainable school and we encourage sustainable practices both in the school and wider community.

The Millenium Kids are a student leadership group of elected students from Years 4-6 who assist with a range of sustainable activities in the school.

Positive messages are promoted through the school newsletter and at assemblies.

Recycled food scraps help feed the worm farms and local chooks. Worm castings and worm wizz are sold at the assembly shop, along with paper bricks and fresh produce from the vegetable gardens. Batteries, paper and cans are also collected for recycling.

A Sustainable Schools Committee involving a parent representative from each class and school staff meets regularly to ensure that sustainable practices are continually encouraged in the community.

Literacy Pro Reading Program

Students from Years 3-6 are involved in the Scholastic Literacy Pro Reading Program.  Students sit a placement test each term to monitor their progress through the Lexile levels.  Students are encouraged to read books at their Lexile level and participate in online quizzes designed to assess their comprehension of what they have read.  Student experiencing difficulties in reading are invited to participate in a Repeated Reading Program. Students practice reading selected texts at home and at school each morning with volunteer parents and school support staff, repeatedly reading the same text until fluency and comprehension is achieved.  This program has had fantastic success in raising students reading levels.

The expected Lexile level for each year level is as follows:

Year 3 – 500 Lexile

Year 4 – 600 Lexile

Year 5 – 700 Lexile

Year 6 – 800 Lexile

Want to know more? Please visit the Literacy Pro website for more details.

Students are encouraged to completed a quiz after they finish reading their Lexile book.  These can be done at home or at school. To logon to do a quiz please enter the school code Y86F and your child’s username and password.

Chess Club

The Triple C Chess Club commences in Term 1 each year and is held after school for all interested students. Community member and local businessman, Ross Webster has been involved in the program at the school for 18 years continuing to volunteer his time to run the club with support from parents. It is a fantastic opportunity for the students to learn to play chess and improve their skills. Interschool competitions are held each year against other local primary school chess clubs and opportunities are given for students to attend regional and state competitions. A school championship competition is held in November each year with students given the opportunity to win prizes and trophies generously donated by Mr Webster.

Chess Club commences in Term 1 between 3.00 – 4.00pm every Wednesday after school in the Library.  Application forms can be collected from the Office.

Peer Mediators

Each year the Year 6 students are trained as peer mediators where they are taught conflict resolution skills.  The peer mediators are rostered on at lunchtimes during Semester Two to assist students in resolving any minor conflicts in the playground.


Each year all Year Four students are tested for inclusion in the state Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) Program.  Students who rank in the top 2.5% of the state are given the opportunity to participate in the program.  A variety of courses are offered each term at various PEAC centres throughout Perth.  The courses provide stimulating and engaging academic courses based around higher order thinking skills to challenge and extend our bright young minds.

Instrumental Music

Each year all Year 4 students sit an instrumental music test and those students who show an aptitude for learning music are offered a place in the instrumental music program for Years 5 and 6.  A specialist music teacher from the School Of Instrumental Music visits the school each week to run the class.  At Chidlow Primary School, students have the opportunity to learn the brass instruments, Trumpet or Trombone.  The program prepares students for entry into the music program offered at Eastern Hills Senior High School.

Creating Champions in Learning and Life