On the 27th October Room 3 and Room 1 went on an excursion. We went to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre. It was about 9.15 when we left and caught the bus. We arrived at 9.30 roughly so it wasn’t a long drive. First we had recess which made us very energetic, fortunately we had a big bush walk ahead of us, Mike was our elder and we had to stick around him as we could easily get lost in the bush. I loved this part as all the girls went ‘Hunting.’ By that I mean he hid FAKE snakes and lizards around. It was still VERY fun! The boys sat at a campfire waiting for us. What we used to pick up the reptiles were called Wanna’s, the girls weapon. It was actually very useful to walk up the rocky path. After lunch, we had Penny as our teacher. We did LOTS of activities including face paint, jewellery making, hand prints and close up inspection with magnifying glass things. My favourite part was face painting I had a wagal (snake). I loved it but I still think I enjoyed the bush walk a lot more.

This excursion was AMAZING and I would highly recommend going here it’s absolutely stunning and so much fun! When we got back we played some games called Dead Fish.


By Layla Skews Room 3

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