Room 8 Excursion

Room 8 went on an Excursion on the 27th of October 2021. They have been working on a sculpture with Claire from Creative Schools called Aquafire.  Aquafire was displayed in the school section of the castaway’s sculpture competition. The theme for this year was to use rubbish or recycle something and include it in your sculpture.

Room 8 got to school early in the morning and hopped on the bus at about 8:30am. The bus ride to get to Rockingham was around one and a half hours long. Once everyone was on the bus the long journey started. The journey was taking a while so some people played the yellow car game where whenever you see a yellow car you yell out “yellow car” and lightly punch the person next to you in the arm. But the ride went even Quicker when Mrs Neville started playing music and everyone started singing. Once they got to the beach they all put their bags in the room next to an art gallery. Then they grabbed their food and ate their snacks. Then they all went back into the art gallery room thing and grabbed their raincoats or some of the even more stylish Room 8 students wore garbage bags. Then all of the Room 8 students walked down to the grass area right next to the beach, they all looked around at all of the sculptures and found Aquafire and they also saw the winning one “Oh Oh Omio”. Then we got a few photo’s in front of Aquafire. Then they all went down to a big log in front of the beach and got some more photos then they headed down to the beach to look at all the Artists sculptures.

By Amy Smith

After walking swiftly down to the beach they all arrived at the magnificent display of all of the creations that people have poured there heart and soul in, we all found small groups and wandered off into the sea of wonder and art. One of the many sculptures was one of a seahorse only it was made entirely out of thongs and another was a giant packet of straws made of only straws. Some children got photos with the various sculptures to have these memories with their friends and teachers, soon after they had some time observing the sculptures they all gathered and walked on the jetty for a bit and took another class photo all together, After they went back room next to the art gallery and get their hats to go to the park and there they played games and left, shortly after they had been walking back from the park on the oval they spotted a war memorial site and went to go check out the mini tank, they all followed their teacher back to the beach to meet the creator of the seahorse sculpture came and gave them a talk about how she made it and let them give her questions to answer, One student asked her how long it took to make and she said 6 months! Because the classroom teachers where amazing and gave them ice cream from Baskin Robins and they had a sweet time eating it! After they went to go check out the smaller scale sculptures in the room next to the one they left their bags in and there where quite a few really impressive ones like the vase with eyeballs painted on or the spider made of metal! Soon they had all finished looking and they grabbed their belongings and hopped on the bus to head back to school after a tiering yet eventful day.

By Lucy Roper

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